Widget for cycling through camera modes

  • I have a camera system and want to display live captures of what they can see on my GUI. They can be run in two modes, gray and color. Which widget is best suited for my needs? I thought about a toggle button where I can cycle through off - gray - color, toggle it out everytime no live image is shown and keep it toggled in and just change its description once I switch from gray to color or vv. The problem here really is that 'live off' is some sort of extra 'mode' in in some contexts different from the other two. Is it therefore advisable to use a button where each of these three states are viewed as equal or is there already a widget better suited for my needs?

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    I was thinking maybe just one view and a
    check box with [X] Color and one for [X] Capture

    If you deselect Color, its grey
    If you deselect Capture, its it stops display
    (both on by default)

    At least that's how many of the video captures programs I have used did it.

    Maybe you have other needs. so just a suggestion.

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