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Qt Creator not starting on Windows 8

  • Hello.

    I though about using Qt for a small and quick project, as I had used it quite some time ago (few years) to play with it. So I registered got the web download and installed it with no special issue.

    The problem came on when I wanted to start using it, as the QtCreator just do not run, or I should say it is running I saw it on my task manager on Windows 8, both on the Process and Details tab, but it still idle at 0% CPU and about 32MB of Memory used, I've left it for a long time, but there is just nothing going on after that point.

    I've trried to find log, or running from console but it don't do anything, even running as an administrator do not changes think.

    So I4m open to any suggestions to troubleshoot this issue.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    mingw or visual studio installer ?

  • Hello.

    Not sure about what you meant so here are the modules I had selected during the install process. I pretty much left almost everything by default as far as I remember.
    Qt 5.5 :

    • MinGW 4.9.2 32bits
    • msvc2013-64bits
    • msvc2012-32bits
    • Qt Web Engine
    • Qt Canvas 3D
    • Qt Quick 1
    • Qt Quick Controls
    • Qt3D
    • Qt Location
    • Qt Script

    Qt 5.4 selected items :

    • MinGW 4.9.1 (32 bit) OpenGl
    • msvc2012 32-bit OpenGL
    • msvc2013 64-bit

    Tools selected items :

    • Qt Creator 3.5.1
    • MinGW 4.9.1
    • MinGW 4.9.2

    Qt Extras items :

    • Qt WebView 1.1 (Tech Preview)
    • Qt Canvas 3D 1.0 (Tech Preview)

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    well, so you install both for Visual Studio compiler and
    mingw compiler?
    I assumed you downloaded this one

    Which compiler do you plan to use ?

  • @mrjj Hello.

    Thanks for your answer, well I left the msvc as I had it and was more planning to use MinGW as a compiler as it is more open. I don't have spectific plans compiler wise I thought I would simply try and use the better.

    As for the installer I used yes it is the one you just said.

    So my guessing is that I should not have both so should I remove the msvc package and try again ?

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    hi. well just asking around as normally Creator just works on win 8.
    If possible try install only mingw and see if that works then.

  • Hello.
    Ok I just tried first to remove the packages but it was still not working so I tried completely removing and had an issue, it seemed okay from the interface but the folder was still there and could not be deleted because of a qmake.exe file being used.
    So I tried killing it but it was not present in the task manager (even in the details tab), I then launch process explorer and there I could see three qmake.exe process with no activity but that could not be killed.
    When I try to kill them for each one it would not work the first try and I would get access denied on the next try.

    So I rebooted, installed again selected only one version of qt and removing the autoselected msvc stuff. And I opened process explorer before running it, and there I could see it qcreator would launch and then run three qmake process and then nothing I've left it as it is so far since about 30 minutes but still not moving or showing anything.

    It seems from process explorer that the launched command line is :
    F:\Dev\Qt2\5.5\mingw492_32\bin\qmake.exe -query

    I tried running it but it just got stuck like the others and cannot be killed via process explorer either :(

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Ok so it dont like your pc for some reason.
    Do you have any scanners or protection running?

    Did you move special folder (like docs) to other drive?

    if u open cmd prompt and run qmake
    does it also hang?

  • Okay, well the thing I did not suspected happened and thanks to your suggestion I found it. I'm using Avast and for some reason it seems it is the culprit.
    Now I'll have to find why as it seems to be responsible but at the same time it does not give a single warning or message about the process. I can't find any warnings from his logs or anything else.
    That's gonna be a pain to understand while waiting for time to look for the reason, I'll be placing the folder in my exclusion list.
    Should have thinked about that!

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    The answer is pretty simple: anti-virus and fellow softwares are not always very friendly to developers because as one, you are creating new executable in your system which might be considered dangerous. So what can happen is that as soon as your executable is created it's detected and put in quarantine by said software.

  • @SGaist yes you are right, though on this case it is not my program I could not even run the editor and start programing which is why I was puzzled, also usually when AV detects something it should tel you and no cuch thing happened either on this case. But that's really the first thing I'll check next time I met a fancy issue like this one.

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    Maybe something funky in the signature database of your AV. They should say something but that's not always the case or sometimes it's a bit cryptic…

    Anyway, the most important part is that you can now develop :)

    Happy coding !

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