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Qml map .. for internal building

  • I need to represent with qml the map of a commercial center with the position of shops. It seems using Qml map mobility plugin can be a good start. Is it possible to use qml mobility map to do such a thing . I suppose that I need to write a custom plugin ? Is it possible to use qml mobility plugin to search the best road to go from point of the commercial center to another ? How Do I represent the way available ?

  • It should be possible to do with your own plugin. There are some convenience classes that should be able to help with that if you're working with a tile based map.

    The main part of the work normally involves specifying how big your map tiles are writing a function that returns a map tile given the zoom level and the position of the tile in the world. There's one tile at zoom level 0, 2x2 tiles at zoom level 1, 4x4 tiles at zoom level 2, etc... and so the tiles are addressed by the x,y coordinates of the tile in that subdivision of the world.

    If you've got a image of the shopping center you can either write the tile fetching function to cut the image up at run time, or you could break it up into tiles ahead of time. In either case if you have images with different levels of detail you should be able to assign them to different zoom levels.

    The source code for the Nokia plugin that ships with mobility or for the Open Street Maps plugin:

    might be helpful for at least some of this.

    We're still working on the searching and routing bindings for QML (and if you used the Nokia plugin for that you'd be bound by the terms of service, which may be a factor).

  • thansks ... I will try this

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