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Qt 5.5.1 Olimex lime AllWinner A20 + touchscreen cypress cyttsp5

  • Hi,
    we are testing Qt on a Olimex lime board with a 7" lvds screen + touchscreen multitouch that uses the cypress cyttsp5 driver. The touch works fine with other applications but the ones that uses Qt hangs with 100% cpu after few minutes of usage. We tried the touchscreen with a very minimal application that uses Qt+qml (just a few buttons) and it hangs as well. We aren't able to debug the application because the debugger refuses to work after that the application stops responding. Adding some message output to the Qt library code we saw that the routine that reads from the /dev/input/event0 file continue to collect the touches data but the thread that process them is stuck.

    I'm wondering if someone have used a touchscreen with the cyttsp5 driver with Qt and can confirm this problem. We are trying to find out what is going on here and really any help would be very appreciated.


  • @tmaniero I'm using the cypress cyttsp5 too, but I can not make it work in my linux. My tslib is not recognizing my touch. Did you use some adicional package to your touch works ?

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