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Your thought on qt designer

  • Hi guys,

    was watching a video on qt designer and one of the comments was saying that real programmers wouldnt use qt designer as it generates "longer than needed" code which is unoptimized and therefore not very professional...would you agree with this or do you think the poster was being a bit silly? am i better off coding a UI or is it perfectly ok to use designer...just fishing for info...thanks

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    Nothing wrong with using Qt Designer. Some people like to build their GUI from visual elements rather than pure code.

    Also, there are many ways to write unprofessional code. The use of Qt Designer is not one of them.

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    I don't know where the idea that the designer creates "longer than needed" code came from. It's basically line for line what you would write manually anyway. Of course, as @SGaist said, you can generate bad code in any way, using designer or not.

    Personally I rarely use the designer, but it's mostly because of limitations of what it can do, not the quality of the generated code. If your needs are covered by its functionality then there's no reason not to use it. Saves time for sure.

  • thanks guys...i suppose you can always use designer for the basics and then customise the code for more elaborate functions...thanks for the replies

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