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Strange behaviours of the executable

  • Hello,
    I just end the development of my Qt application, everything work great. Now i would like to deploy it, and like I do all the time I get the .exe from the release directory and take the dll from my Qt bin directory to put them in a new folder.
    The program start but when the second call to a QFtp method nothing happened. It's seems that the command started signal is never send but nothing seems to be wrong, the window is responding.
    I don't know how to debug it since it work just fine when I execute it from Qt Creator.

    I compile it with Qt Creator (Qt 4.7.3 for Desktop - MSVC2008 (Qt SDK)) and i get the dll from QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.3\msvc2008\bin

    Any one get an idea of why is this happening or how can I get exactly the same execution conditions that Qt Creator ?

    Edit: It's my first development with the new "improbable directory name's and structure" Qt

  • Maybe there is a difference between release and debug(timing issue). Please post the code(maybe as pastebin link).

  • the all code is kind of huge, but it work great on debug/release when I run it from Qt Creator but not from the executable (release or debug)

    here is my code : the controller part the ftp part

    the controleur::defineFtpClientLst() call the ftp::listClient() but ftp::cmdStart(int i) is never reached.

  • I get it.

    I forgot on little '/' before a path on my conf window ...

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