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QGraphicsView QGraphicsTextItem letter spacing wrong Windows 7

  • Hello,

    I know this topic is old and there are several reported Qt-Bugs, which point more or less to the same problem. Some Reports are marked as solved, some Reports say 'This is fixed in Qt5'. The problem is the letter spacing in QFonts (It's not correct). I have a QGraphicsView and I put QGraphicsTextItems on it, and the character spacing of the chosen QFont is not correct, it looks ugly. Sometimes the spacing between characters is too small, and sometimes too large. I have the problem with all fonts, except monospace-fonts. I observed the Problem in Qt 4.7,
    Qt 4.8, Qt 5.3, and know on Qt 5.5. I tried lots of configurations(QFont config-members). No config changes the problem.

    Maybe some of you know more about this topic.

    Thank you!

  • Is there somebody, who has some Informations about this topic?

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