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qmlscene qt5.6 can't create egl surface (error 0x3003)

  • Cross compiled Qt5.6 and running on the Raspberry Pi 2B.
    When running an application made with QtCreator, the application works fine. An EGL surface is made without any problem.

    However, running qmlscene gives me the error.

    loaded library "/usr/local/qt5rpi2/qml/QtQuick.2/"
    JEHUTTING Qt5 createNativeWindow
    JEHUTTING Qt5 createDispmanxLayer
    JEHUTTING Qt5 createDispmanxLayer eglWindow=19497048
    JEHUTTING resetSurface m_surface=0
    EGL Error : Could not create the egl surface: error = 0x3003

    The QEglFSWindow::resetSurface() calls eglCreateWindowSurface() which fails.

    I can't find where this function is defined, so I don't know how too zoom in.

    So if anyone can show me where to find the eglCreateWindowSurface() that would be highly appreciated.

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