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change the size of a label or lineEdit in Qt-4.8.5-Designer

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Grayed out geometry values indicate that the widget is in a layout. A layout takes care of positioning and resizing the widget so you can't set its geometry directly.

    There are a couple of things you can do, depending on what your goal is:

    • you can set some minimum or maximum size for the widget
    • if you want to set a fixed size on the widget you can set minimum and maximum size values to the same, fixed, value
    • if you want to set a size aspect ratio relative to other widgets you can set the sizePolicy policy and stretch factors of them
    • you can break the layout (the icon with a crossed red circle on the toolbar) and set the geometry. Note though, that you are then responsible for manual adjustments to the position and size of the widget. Since the widget is already in a layout that's most probably not what you want.

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