Windows 10 / Running QT examples from QT creator crashes

  • Hello,
    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

    I installed 1st the latest version:
    Qt 5.5.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.9.2).

    I select an example, click the run (green arrow icon), but quickly QT creator crashes. I have to close it manually with the task manager.

    I tried with the MSVC-based distribution with the same result:
    Qt 5.5.1 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2013).

    And finally I tried with an older version which was working perfectly well on my windows 7 setup:
    QT 5.3.1 with mingw 4.8.2 (qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.1.exe)

    The phenomenom is exactly the same with all those versions.
    If I simply run the compilation (right click on project -> compile), it is ok. The application compiles.
    It is only when trying to lauch it.
    I tried in debug mode, the only message I get, after some time (40sec?) is that is GDB is "probably running in an infinite loop". I tried 3 examples which look basic (like calendar, ie: no opengl or 3D ...)

    Of course I already searched google on this issue, but did not find a solution. Looks like I'm alone on this one :).

    I did not compile QT, just installed it and then tried to run an example as I did countless times those last years.


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    Hi and welcome
    Have you checked that your virus scanner is not "inspecting" the generated exe.
    I had somewhat same syndrom with avast where it would hang when I try to debug.

    Qt 5.5 normally runs fine on win 10 as far as I know so must be something on this machine that makes it do this.

  • You got it, thank you.

    Well, I swear yesterday I tried this ...
    Anyway, today is another day :)

    I also use AVAST, now the question is why this behavior on win 10 and not win 7 but that is another issue.


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    Well only Avast people will know that. I had issue at work. But at home it did not block.
    same version..

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