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What have I to do, to use doxygen in qt?

  • To use doxygen in qt i found this inforamtion.
    how to install

    So qt is allready installed, I use
    --> Qt creator 3.2.1, which based on Qt 5.3.2

    I also downloaded the folder trunk
    I also downloaded the source code...
    perl is also installed like doxygen...

    so i don't understand, which paths i have to pass ...

    My Qt folder
    in 5.3 i have the directories Src and mingw482_32
    in Docs there is Qt-5.3
    in Tools i have also mingw482_32, Qtcreator and i put in the trunk.r73 Folder

    is there someone who made it and could give me a step by step instruction

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    You need to use the same compiler that was used to build Qt Creator. IIRC 3.2.1 was built with Visual Studio 2010. Or build Qt Creator yourself using MinGW

  • @SGaist
    The instruction on the mentioned website are so confusing.
    Is there somebody who allready handled this or who can offering a good instruction?

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