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Full Screen mode animation looks bad

  • When I call showFullScreen() I get the following behaviour:

    1. the contents of the window are shown full screen,
    2. a window with border and decorations are drawn in the middle of the screen,
    3. the window zooms to full size
    4. the screen is replaced with the full screen view

    Is there any way I can hide the zooming window animation, or stop step 1 from happening. It looks ugly.

    I am using Mac.

    While we are discussing full screen mode; if I show a window full screen and then call close() I am left with a full screen gradient background with no controls to click. The only way to get out of it is to switch to another window, screen or call up Mission Control. Is there a way to "closeToNormal()" ?

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    Which version of Qt and OS X are you using ?

    Close just closes the window, you have showNormal if you want to get out of full screen

  • @SGaist

    This is Qt 5.4 and MacOS X 10.9.5.

    In my second question I want to close the window while in full screen, so it simply disappears. If I don't showNormal() then I am left in a pseudo desktop with no way to get out.

    Using showNormal() results in the window contents being displayed as pure white. The widget I am full screening is a QGraphicsView with a QGLWidget backing it. It doesn't look good because the content is not white.

    I assume that somewhere in MacOS it renders a version of the widget as a bitmap and then uses scaling to give a nice effect when transitioning to and from full screen mode. If I'm not doing something wrong, then Qt doesn't generate the bitmap or is not compatible for the bitmap generation.

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    How are you calling close ? Because it's the last widget, you application should end and you should return to the desktop

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