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Help needed with slots and signals for menu

  • I am having trouble with the slot and signals of a menu class for a program.

    It says QObject::connect: No such slot MainWindow::on_menu_triggered(QAction*) in ..\001\SudokuSolver\mainwindow.cpp:179.

    Line 179 is QObject::connect(&menu, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), this, SLOT(on_menu_triggered(QAction*)));

    and there is an on_menu_triggered(QAction*) function and it is this:

    void MainWindow::on_menu_triggered(QAction* action){
    cout << "Hi Mom";

    the cout is just to check I'm actually reaching the on_menu_triggered function (which I am not)
    The declaration of on_menu_triggered(QAction* action) is in the .h file under public slots. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Is on_menu_triggered(QAction* action) declared in public slots: or private slots: section?

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