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[Split] Certification Fee Payment

  • Hello,
    I am also going to pass the exam ( Qt Essentials ) in next 1-3 monthes in Ukraine ( Nikolaev, Computer Academy Step ). I can pay only by cash.
    How can it be paid to Pearson Vue in such a case?
    I know also that there is no Pearson Vue Customer Service in Ukraine now, right?
    Vladimir, Petro, do you have contact information of person ( mobile phone number ) that works in the Academy and administers the exams? ( The person name is Sergey if I remember right)?
    On what dates I can sure shedule the exam? ( in the period of July - September 2011 )?
    Thank you

    [EDIT: split out of an "older thread":, please open new threads for new questions, Volker]

  • AFAIK there is no possibility to pay by cash. At least this option was not available at devdays.

  • Of course the amount should be transacted using electronic system,
    To what bank account number? Were can I find exact institution ( bank account ) details to transact ?
    At Pearson Vue web site?

  • When you will schedule exam pearson vue site will ask your card inforamtion (number, cardholder, exp date, cvc)

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