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OpenGLES2 window location problem of QT5.3 based embeded Linux

  • Hello, everyone!
    Now in the company we are doing development Qt based on embedded Linux & QT, need to use OpenGL ES2. When chosing Qt version, we respectively set up QT4.8 and QT5.3 environment for related test, finding that QT4.8 can run test programs normally, while version 5.3 have a serious problem that window can not be located. correctly. Running "hellogl_es2" test for example, the effect is as follows:


    Two versions use the same code provided by the QT package. It can be seen that,under version 5.3 the opengl rendering window fills full screen and covers the other controls, unable to be located.
    Running other Opengl test programs of QT5.3 also has the same problem. "hellogl_es2" uses QT4 QGLWidget, but I have tried to use QT5 QWindow or so,the problem still can't be solved. We also find that other Un-Opengl test programs of QT5.3 also have problem that can't be set window, if the window size is smaller than the screen, it is always pulled into full screen automatically.
    QT has developed to version 5.5, so if possible we want to use QT5, but if the problem that hellogl_es2 opengl window can't be located can't be solved, we can't use it.
    Therefore, I come to ask for help. Is there anyone find the similar problems? If someone has solution, please feel free to comment, thanks first!!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What do you mean by cannot be located ?

    By the way, are you missing a link to some images to show the differences between Qt 4 and Qt 5 ?

  • Thanks for replay! It takes me effort to upload the image.


    And "cannot be located" means, even if I set the opengl window size small than the screen using SetGeometry, the window will also cover the whole screen, and cover the other controls.

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    Ok, that confirms what I suspected. If you need a windows manager for your application, you should take a look at QtWayland for Qt 5

  • @SGaist That's a possiible solution, I'd like to have a try, thaks for you suggestion!

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