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Beaglebone black Touchscreen Issues

  • Hello,

    I've run into a spot of trouble with my BBB that I'm hoping to get some help on.

    I'm running a BBB with Debian 7.8 running kernel 3.8.13-bone70. I have a Qt app that runs on my system, however I can't get my touchscreen to work.

    In the past I've been able to get the touchscreen working using the QWS_MOUSE_PROTO environment variable set to: LinuxInput:/dev/input/event1.

    I've just run into a huge issue, and had to wipe the BBB and re-install everything on it (problem with cape conflicts). I'm back to the point now where the application runs with all capes, but I can't use my touchscreen. The environment variable is set within Qt, so that isn't an issue. My event filters within the application are recognizing mouse events, but no button presses are registered.

    I know that the touchscreen works, it has been calibrated in LXDE using the xinput_calibrator, and the touchscreen works without issue in the base operating system. It just stops when my application is started.

    I don't know if this is tied to tslib. As stated above, I'm trying to use the LinuxInput driver instead of the tslib driver. I haven't been able to get tslib to function properly on the BBB.

    Sorry for writing an essay, I just hope I've given enough detail to be able to sort the issue out.

    Any thoughts on what's happening are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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