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QtQuick Plugin with private classes

  • Hi everyone!

    I have a question about Qt Quick plugin. I have a project with Qt Quick plugin which uses C++ classes also I'm using .qrc file to save a QML component which I must using in QML files. When I'm importing plugin to application I could use C++ classes and QML files from plugin. But I want use only QML files but not C++ classes. The question is: How I could hide C++ classes for application's QML files but use in QML files which exist inside my plugin? Is this possible?

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    @shav If I understood you correctly, you can create a proxy class which will internally call the other C++ classes. Keep the objects to these C++ classes as private in your proxy class. And finally register only the proxy class so as to be used from QML. I have done a similar one here. The proxy class internally calls this class and is registered here.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the replay! I'll try this.