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crash after QJsonArray toVariantList() ...

  • Hi,
    my application crashed with following implementation:

    template<class T> void Vector<T>::Read(const QJsonObject& io_json)
        //Read values
        QJsonArray json_array = io_json[s_JSON_DATA_VALUE].toArray();
        QVariantList variant_list;
       //Qt Bug?
       variant_list = json_array.toVariantList();  //not working (implicit sharing / move semantics problem???)       
       //Qt Bug?

    If i discard toVariantList() and use a for loop to copy all values from json_array to variant_list everything works fine. Please, could someone help me with that?

    Best regards,

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    A bit more information is needed to test that. What do you put in io_json ? How do you generate it ?

  • Unfortunately it's a project of a colleague but as far as i know the OJsonObject passed to the function is retrieved from a file using QJsonDocument object() method.

    The file looks similar to this:

        "min" : -100,
        "max" : 100,
        "val" : [

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    Can you show how you are calling that function ?

    Can't reproduce your problem from your code and sample data.

    What version of Qt are you running ? On what OS ?

  • @ttuna said:

    variant_list = json_array.toVariantList();

    Try this:

    variant_list = json_array.toVariantList(QVariantList());

    if worked then your json is invalid

  • @Hamed-Masafi
    The variant_list is valid after creation. The problem occurs when the Read() function is going to be left.
    It seems that a stack object (i tip json_array) will be deleted and produces a crash.

    Here are the lines which are calling the Read() function: (i have removed some validity checks)

    QFile load_file(load_path);
    QByteArray load_data = load_file.readAll();
    QJsonDocument load_doc(in_format == Json ? QJsonDocument::fromJson(load_data) : QJsonDocument::fromBinaryData(load_data));

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    Can you create minimal compilable example that reproduces the crash ?

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