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Show a context menu when the a column in a QTableView is selected

  • Hello, as the title says I am trying to implement a context menu that appears on left click if a whole column is selected in a TableView.

    In my MainWindow I have these attributes

        QString mFilePath;
        DatasetModel model;
        myTabView* view;
        DataFrame data;
        TabSelModel* selModel;

    where myTabView is just a reimplemented QTableView. I installed an event filter in the constructor of the MainWindow like this view->installEventFilter(this); and I implemented di eventfilter in the Main Window like this

    bool MainWindow::eventFilter(QObject *watched, QEvent *e)
        if(watched==view && e->type()==QEvent::MouseButtonPress)
            QModelIndexList idxl = view->selectedIndexes();
            QMouseEvent *mou = static_cast<QMouseEvent*>(e);
            if(mou->button()==Qt::RightButton && selModel->ColSelected.first)
                return true;
        return QWidget::eventFilter(watched,e);

    Where ColSelected is a QPair implemented in a slot of my TabSelModel (a reimplemented QItemSelectionModel). The slot looks like this

    void TabSelModel::CheckSelection(const QModelIndex& mod,)
        qDebug() << "Inside mod.column=" << mod.column();
        if(isColumnSelected(mod.column(),mod))                 //never evaluates to true
            ColSelected = qMakePair(true,mod);
            ColSelected.first = false;

    which is connected to a simple SIGNAL(currentChanged()) from the selection model. I manage to get into the slot (the qDebug outputs the correct column) but the first condition never evaluates to true. How is that possible?

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    isColumnSelected checks for selection in the parent given in second param, so this should rather be

  • I changed the code but still I never reach ColSelected = qMakePair(true,mod);.

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    Maybe a silly question, but is the whole column actually selected ? If you get selected items in that slot does that contain all indices in the column?

  • Actually I get all the rows but I get the previously selected column. The code is

    void TabSelModel::CheckSelection(const QModelIndex& mod)
        qDebug() << "Inside mod.column=" << mod.column();
        QModelIndexList ls = selectedIndexes();
        foreach(QModelIndex i, ls)
            qDebug() << i.column() << "," << i.row();

    And the first time I select the first column of the table the output is just

    Inside mod.column= 0

    When I select the next column I get

    Inside mod.column= 1
    0 , 0
    0 , 1
    0 , 2
    0 , 3
    0, 66

    How is that possible?

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    Most things in c++ are indexed from 0, so first column has index 0, second 1 and so on.

  • I know, what is strange is that mod.column() evaluates to 1 and selectedIndexes()[0].column() evaluates to 0 while they should be the same.

  • May it be related to some sort of dragging of the previous selection?

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