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Forum search broken

  • The search tool in the Forum section is about as bad as any I have ever used.

    It not only produces incorrect results, it does not even produce results from the forum that matches the search terms and conditions -- at all. I have not yet figured out how to make the advanced extension is ridiculously broken and I cannot find any coherent help for it.

    I have resorted to Google search on more than one occasion because of poor or non-existing results from the Forum search tool. Even with the non-relevant results from Google, it is better than the search tool.

    This issue needs to be addressed or take it off the header.

    Just try to search for "QCheckBox List in QComboBox". The difference in results from and Google or Yahoo! are dramatic. I would expect better from this forum.

  • @ad5xj
    Yes, the search doesn't perform to the level we are all used to from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other huge players. It probably could do better than currently, but it is a simple search, it balances time with all the words you throw at it (for better results leave out the common words).

    There is a plugin to use elasticsearch, but that needs elasticsearch set up. So I need to get a developer to look at elasticsearch (I tried once and that didn't go too well). I'll ask when they have the time for it, but honestly don't hold your breath.

  • What happened to the very good search engine on the project-qt site? That worked OK. Is this forum software incapable of using third-party search facilities or must you build everything from scratch?

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    @ad5xj said:

    What happened to the very good search engine on the project-qt site? That worked OK.

    That was the Google engine, IIRC.

    As a workaround, you can enter " QCheckBox List in QComboBox" into Google.

  • @JKSH As indicated above I have use other search engines to find what I am looking for. It escapes me why you would want to abandon something that is working, for something that is practically useless.

    I hope you resove this problem quickly.

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