How to change camera recorder settings in iOS ?

  • Hello,

    I want to record a video in slow motion at 120fps on an iPad Air 2. I am facing difficulties trying to configure my qMediaRecorder. I created a Camera which works fine. I created a recorder and, by default, it gives me a 1080p video at ~30fps. But when I want to change these settings, It does nothing.

    Here is the settings part :

    QVideoEncoderSettings settings = QVideoEncoderSettings();
        settings.setResolution(640, 480);

    I realize these settings were not applied, so I dig in the QtMultimedia sources for iOS and I find that the settings are hardcoded by default for the moment.

    What could be the best possible solution for changing recorder settings on iOS ?

    I thought about mixing Objective-C with C++ but it seems very complicated. Maybe sub-classing for changing only the settings, if possible.

    Have you another idea please?
    Thanks, Fabien.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The nicest thing to do would be as stated in the TODO: get the information from the video encore settings control and rebuilt the plugin.