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can't get int array data with dynamiccall() in AxBase class

  • Hi guys.
    I'm making some program works getting datas form a s/w (mitsubishi plc software)

    It is the method I wanna control
    "ReadDeviceBlock(String *szDevice, int iSize, int *iplData)".
    So, I try to use it with DynamicCall() but it can't get inteager array data.
    Exactly, It got int array data into somewhere and there is a "Heap block at 0X0C32B450 modified at 0X0C32B45C" message in application out.
    I opened the memory editor and go to 0X0C32B45C. Inteager array datas what I want are stored in there.

    This is how I used dynamiccall().

    void test()
    QList<QVariant> qvl_Temp;
    QList<QVariant> qvl_Data;
    QVariant qv_Temp;
    const QString sRDB = "ReadDeviceBlock(QString, int, int&)";

    qvl_Data << 0 << 0 << 0 << 0 << 0;
    qvl_Temp << "D0" << 5 << qvl_Data;
    // "D0" means start address where I want to get of plc (output s/w)
    // 5 means how many
    // << qvl_Data means to get memory space for getting data form the output s/w

    qv_Temp = object->dynamicCall(sRDB.toLatin1(), qvl_Temp);
    It can get just one data into qvl_Temp.at(2), other datas are stored somewhere modified heap address.

    I tried all I knew.
    qvl_Temp << "D0" << 5 << (QVariant)qvl_Data; // It doesnt work
    sRDB = "ReadDeviceBlock(QString,int,QList<QVariant>&)" // some error about dispatch
    QByteArray, QVector<int>, Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(int* or something)... everything

    really no way??

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