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Simple Help with location of checkbox on resize to full screen

  • Hello,
    I am pretty new to QT but not new to C++.

    I have a custom widget that displays a graph that's updated in real time. I also have a checkbox on that graph off to the side so a user can check it and something happens to the graph. When the screen starts, the checkbox is in the correct position (because I placed it there ) but when I go to full screen its not where I want it. Its not in proportion to its original position and my graph. Its actually over some of my data.

    I am sure there is an easy way to fix this (I hope).

    Also is there a way to not have the checkbox highlighted after you checked it? It has like a shaded orange colour around it. Its pretty annoying.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You should use layouts.
    You can find here examples:

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