Control a Rasberry Pi by a Mobile.

  • Hello.

    I'm looking for a way to control a water level sensor and supervise a electrical energy input with a smartphone using Qt.

    I choose rasberry pi (although I didn't investigate arduino case yet) as intermediary, and I seek out that I should use Qt(Qt Quick too) with Rasberry to make a beatiful application easily.

    But, What technologie I should use to control the rasberry remotely as IoT?.

    I'm investigating WebIOPi where I can control rasberry pi by REST API but not sure if I can integrate a UI created by Qt in it. I looked in but dont understand it at all. Would you like to suggest something?

    Qt Mobile?

    Thank You

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    Something's not exactly clear: are you asking whether you can make REST calls from Qt to write your smartphone app ? If so yes, without problem using QNetworkAccessManager

  • How to implement WebIOPI using Qt?

    In webIoPI use Javascript/HTML to make a page and Python scripts as backends.

    Is there another option to control rasberry pi with a smartphone using Qt?

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    That's the idea: WebIOPI is running on the Pi and your Qt application talks to it through the REST service.

  • @SGaist I got it, As a mention I'll make some tutorial to these process beacuse in the Web is very difficult to search something good.

    Thank You SGaist

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