QWS: Resolution change not working when qwsserver is it's own app.

  • SYSTEM: QT 4.8 on ARM embedded linux (custom Xilinx Zynq board)

    I've been running 2 QT applications on embedded linux. One is set to be the QWSserver (with the -qws flag), and the other is a client. This setup works fine, and I am able to perform resolution changes and have both apps reconfigure their screen output appropriately. In this scheme, the application which is the QWSserver is setting setMaxWindowRect(newRect) each time a resolution change occurs.

    Now, I've created a 3rd application which only serves the purpose of acting as the QWSserver, so that both of the other 2 apps can be started as clients. On screen resolution changes, the 2 client apps are restricted to the starting resolution. For example, if I start the system at 720p, both apps will display appropriately at 720p. Then if I change the system resolution to 1440p; the graphical output of the 2 client apps will be restricted to 720p, even though the system resolution is 1440p. I have moved the functionality which resulted in setMaxWindowRect(newRect) to this standalone qwsserver app now.

    Any ideas?


    Justin D.

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