MySql lost connection[SOLVED]

  • Hello.
    I works with pair of MAR + MySQL and when during long time there are no any queries to database, and then there is one I have in my MAR console log output like this
    Lost connection to MySQL server during query QMYSQL: Unable to execute query MySQL server has gone away QMYSQL.
    I tried set up mysql option "MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT=true;", than I reopened database when I got any error with it executing, but nothing of this was succeed.

    I know that there is way using timer and make "select 1 from AnyTable" for persistence of mysql connection, but it looks like some kind of hack.

    May be anyone know some elegant solution of this problem ?

  • After opening your connection, run the following query

    QSqlQuery::exec("SET wait_timeout = 3600")

    Time in seconds.

  • @Leonardo sorry but I didn't caught.
    When my app start, I create some connections and I want to make them forever persistent and independent from idle live of connection.
    So as I understood wait_timeout var defines time of connection existing

  • Hi. I don't think it's possible to make a connection live forever without some sort of pinging as you said, but setting the wait_timeout variable can keep it alive for a lot of time. Please, see

    With a maximum value of 31536000 seconds, your connection can live for 1 whole year. Do you expect it to be idle for longer than that?

    There has to be a timeout, otherwise you would get a lot of dangling connections on your server, as it wouldn't be able to drop them for inactivity.

  • @Leonardo thank you very much. Now this problem is more clear for me

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