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Qt5 Add-in Visual studio 2013 .pro file generation doesn't work

  • I am working with Qt libraries and OpenCV libraries on Visual studio 2013.
    I can successfully create a .pro file from the Visual studio add-in.
    But when i try to open .pro file in QtCreator i can see only the project file. I cannot see my header or cpp files linked to the project. I don't know if this is the right way to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you share the content of the pro file ?

  • Here goes my .pro content:

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # This file is generated by the Qt Visual Studio Add-in.
    # ------------------------------------------------------
    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET = arbeittracking
    DESTDIR = ../Debug
    QT += core xml xmlpatterns widgets gui
    CONFIG += debug console
    LIBS += -LD:\\libraries\\opencv\\build\\x86\\vc12\\bin \
        opencv_core249d.dll \
        opencv_highgui249d.dll \
        opencv_imgproc249d.dll \
        opencv_features2d249d.dll \
        opencv_calib3d249d.dll \
    INCLUDEPATH += F:\opencv-2.4.9\CV\install\include
    MOC_DIR += ./GeneratedFiles/debug
    OBJECTS_DIR += debug
    UI_DIR += ./GeneratedFiles
    RCC_DIR += ./GeneratedFiles

    [edit: added coding tags SGaist]

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    That list of dlls looks wrong. You should have a list of -lopencv_XXX249d

    You don't link agains dlls but lib files

  • Ok i see a problem there i resolved it. But i have added all these library links after creating the .pro file in Visual studio. And the main issue stays the same like when i generate a .pro file from VS add-in and i open the .pro file with qtcreator i dont see my header files or cpp files but i just see the .pro content. It would be good if i could have attached a snapshot of my issue in QtCreator here.

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    It seems that when generating the pro file neither SOURCES not HEADERS have been added. You can do it by hand and you should see your code files correctly

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