VoiceOver interaction with WTreeWidget and QListWidget seems to be broken in Qt 5.5.0

  • We just updated to Qt 5.5.0 and are trying to get VoiceOver integration working for our Qt based apps. One thing that we see is that the "interact" feature does not seem to work for our QListWidgets and QTreeWidgets. With a simple list we have been able to get the VoiceOver cursor to move among the list items, but we can't make it select the item the cursor is on. We can tab through the list items, but nothing is read if we do that.

    With our WTreeWidgets, trying to interact with them mostly just puts the cursor over one of the column headers. In some of them we can move the cursor with CTRL-Opt-Up/down, but only to a very limited degree that isn't right at all.

    Do you Qt folks think this stuff works? The examples seem to be equally messed up.


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    @Rush-Manbert said:


    well once it did not. no idea if they ever fixed or it not even broken.


  • @mrjj said:


    Thanks for the link. The behavior is better than what was reported, but the interaction feature is totally broken and I found a Qt example that demonstrates it.

    I opened a support incident once I had the reproducible case, but I don't know how far that will go toward getting it fixed.

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    Ok thank you for reporting back. might be useful for others.

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    Does that report have an accessible link ?

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