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QByteArray comparison

  • Why the statement:

    @ QByteArray data (initialized somehow);
    @ if(data.at(0) == 0xFF)
    @ do_something();

    gives such warning:
    comparison is always false due to limited range of data type [-Wtype-limits].

    You can initialize QByteArray with 0xff value (or not...?), so why cant you compare it?

  • Hi Michelson, welcome to devnet.

    It's because char is signed in your environment (compiler dependent?) and you are comparing something which has range <–128, 127> with 0xFF which is 255.

    This explicit comparisons are fine:
    if((unsigned char)a.at(0) == 0xFF){}
    if(a.at(0) == 'A'){}

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