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fancybrowser has problems with macys purchase

  • Hi. I'm trying to figure out why qtwebkit in fancybrowser 5.3.1 (also 5.5) has a problem with a macys purchase. I'm working on a project that uses qtwebkit to build an automated purchaser for department stores.

    I go to www.macys.com
    It says it does not recognize the browser.
    I click close.
    I put nike socks in the search box. I choose a pair and add it to the bag, then I go to checkout. Another checkout button appears. I click it. The page now has a button that says checkout as guest. I click it and I get an error.

    Be right back... Sorry our site is down.

    I'm trying to figure out why this message only happens with the qtwebkit implementation of webkit. It does not happen with any other browser, firefox, opera, safari, or nightly webkit version. Nor does it happen with products like Awesomium, Gree-Webkit for unity3D, etc. .

    I have set the UserAgent and that gets rid of the first "wrong browser" message, but then it still will not let me make a purchase, so the problem is not only the UserAgent setting.

    Are there settings or configurations I could try in the fancybrowser project that might get rid of this problem?

  • I just tried WebEngine Tab Browser Example and it worked
    Qt 5.5.0 64 bit release on Windows 7
    without any changes - just build and run in release mode - web site still suggests to upgrade the browser, but at least it didn't crash after [Guest Checkout] and opened a web form...

    so you can substitute WebKit with new WebEngine - anyway with Qt 5.6 WebKit will be removed

    Running WebKit based Tab Browser Example prints SSL error message when you click that button and probably that's why it thinks macy's website is down - you must handle SSL Errors in your code... or you may call them and ask them why they use self-signed and untrusted certificates for online sales :-)

    SSL Errors: The root certificate of the certificate chain is self-signed, and untrusted. Do you want to ignore these errors for this host?


  • @ThatDud3

    Thank you very much for getting to the root of the problem.
    I'm using uwebkit for this project which was built with qtwebkit from 5.3.1. I have the source code from uwebkit.


    What are my options for fixing this in uwebkit?
    Is it really possible to substitute webengine for webkit?

    I'm primarily a unity3d programmer so I'm pretty far out of my element.
    I just found out about qt last week when trying to troubleshoot uwebkit.
    I'm amazed though at how well built and intuitive qt creator is.

  • @ThatDud3
    My only option at this point is to deal with the problem in qtwebkit. Do you think the SSL error message is actually on Macy's end, or is it in response to something that qtwebkit is doing? Is there anyway to verify this from say "chrome" on my desktop?

    If the problem is Macys...
    I have limited knowledge in qt and c++ is it possible I could still fix this problem myself. Are there examples of handling SSL errors that I could add to the uwebkit networkaccess section?

    If the problem is not Macys...
    Is there some other reason why Macy's would get confused about the browser, and SSL?

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