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ScrollArea and StackWiget child scrolling issues with Keypad NAviation Define

  • HI all,

    I have drawn a GUI using the QT Creator with the following structure;

    Widget (Main page)

      1. ScrollArea
      1. Stacked Widget
      1. Stacked Widget Page with Text header and Buttons

    Now I have set the focus on load on the First button to get the keypad navigation into this viewport working.
    The text labels do not have any focus becasue otherwise it will be focused during up / down key pressing.

    So now if I press the down button jumping to the lowest button the scrollbar moves as expected but if I move upwards it can hapen that the header text is not readable anymore since it does only scroll to the first button.

    Is there a way to let it continue scrolling up if the first button is set?

    Do I hvae to use the ScrollArea abstact class or ist here a more common way with the kepadnavigation ?

    Or is there a way using the scrollbar with a content which must be selectable with the up down keys.

    On only viewable content it is easy, there I jsut set focus to the scrollbar and up down works as expected but with interactive content i am getting into trouble.

    Would be nice if someone has some suggestions and maybe a example how you implement such scrollable pages with interactive content like inputs and buttons using the KEYPADNavigation define QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION and the mode Qt::NavigationModeKeypadDirectional

    Man Thanks