ActiveQt is not producing ActiveX Controls

  • I compiled the examples that are distributes with the Qt installation
    and I got how they work, but I have some issue if I try to use them
    as ActiveX in Windows.Forms or MFC applications.
    It looks like something is not registered in the correct way, but looking at
    the windows registry everything looks fine.
    The only thing I can do is creating the controls from the COM interface
    and call the show() method to show them on the screen but in their own window.

    I gave a look around and I see that it's not a new issue, other people had the same
    but in any thread I found a solution.

    I think I can play with the native handles and using a few win32 calls I can put
    the controls inside a Windows.Form container, but I like to be able to use them
    as ActiveX if possible.

    In the example there is also an example based on .net that from the code is
    working as expected, but the library AxMultipleAx.dll that is referenced doesn't exist
    and it looks like is the one doing the trick.

    Somebody found a solution/workarounb or just the missing code?

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