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QML and C++11 Enums

  • Hi guys... I have a litter question..

    Can I use C++11 enums in QML ??

    I can define my enums on my c++ class and export it to qml, but can I use instead normal enum a c++11 enum using:

    enum class A{v1,v2}


    that is my quesiton


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    Hi @freddy311082 Yes indeed we can definitely use. You have to declare it as a metatype using Q_DECLARE_METATYPE. I regularly use them. Check it here and usage is here.

  • @p3c0 said:


    thanks... that answer my question


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    @freddy311082 You're Welcome. Please mark the post as solved if done.

  • @p3c0 but how can you use following enums?

    enum class Animal { dog, deer, cat, bird, human };  // enum class
    enum class Mammal { kangaroo, deer, human };        // another enum class

    Note that deer is in both enum classes. How you distinguish these?

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    you don't. You should name them already differently to make it clear. See Qt enums for example.

    enum Animal { dogAnimal, deerAnimal, catAnimal, birdAnimal, humanAnimal };
    enum Mammal { kangarooMammal , deerMammal , humanMammal  }

  • @seyed

    Hi. I had the same issue and as Qt Enums doesn't let you use as you describe before, what I did was create a single class per Enum, also I export each class to QML to use it. So, if you have

    enum Animal { dogAnimal, deerAnimal, catAnimal, birdAnimal, humanAnimal };

    at least I did:

    class Animal : public QObject
        Animal(QObject* parent = nullptr);
        enum class AnimalEnum { dog, deer, cat, bird, human };;
        virtual ~Animal(){}

    The same for Mammal enum. After that, you can register this classes to be used in QML, and you will be available to do


    at least, is what I do when I have a situation like yours


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