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Keyboard bindings/shortcuts on a Mac

  • I'm having trouble using certain key combinations as shortcuts on a Mac (OS X). For example, enabling the EmacsKeys plugin should make Ctrl+Space and Ctrl-X,Ctrl-X available, but nothing happens. I also cannot use Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End. Note that this is not EmacsKeys-specific.

    Changing the binding to something else like Ctrl+Cmd+B has the expected effect, so it's clearly not a problem with the commands I'm trying to bind.

    Also these same shortcuts do work in other applications (e.g., emacs), so it's not something at the OS level grabbing the key events (at least not something unavoidable).

    Does anyone else on a Mac experience this kind of issue?

  • I'll answer my own question, kinda. Ctrl+Space and C-x,C-x were a misunderstanding on my part.

    As for Ctrl+Home/End, I don't know why but building Creator from the master (development) branch solves that problem. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that all is well in the next version.

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