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[SOLVED] Qt under El Capitan fails to deploy

  • Hi,

    I installed yesterday El Capitan into VMware. In Xcode 7 I am able to deploy onto device application without dev license.

    I also installed Qt -> but there is problem, I can't deploy it into iPad cause this:
    :-1: error: No matching provisioning profiles found: No provisioning profiles with a valid signing identity (i.e. certificate and private key pair) matching the bundle identifier “example.QtQuickControlsApp” were found.

    I created Qt Quick Controls Application from template for iOS.
    Screen of kit: https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2015/10/04/Up5c.png
    Screen of compiler (copied from iphone, ipad folder not found): https://ctrlv.cz/shots/2015/10/04/UIMP.png

    Thanks for help!

  • Did you register as developer?

  • In El Capitan (Xcode 7) you don't have to purchase license for deploy. I already deployed app to iPad in Xcode 7, just Qt have some problems. Or do I need to register in Qt Creator somehow? Or sign somewhere in Qt Creator?

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    Are you in this case ?

  • @SGaist Nope, Im able to install everything with Xcode to device. There is no problem with Xcode.

  • Since XCode is running ok, why don't you use it? Just open project in QtCreator run qmake and then open project in XCode(project file is placed in ../build-projectName directory) and run it from here?

  • @kolegs its so complicated.. Yes its one way, but why Qt creator dont allow me to deploy it?


    I didn't ever opened generated project from Qt Creator for Xcode...


    1. Open .xcodeproj
    2. Error or warnings will show up
    3. Go to project settings and click on "Fix it" or something like that.
    4. Also change device to iPad from Universal (depends on what u wanna to deploy, I just wanna iPad) and choose iOS 9!
    5. Build & deploy from Xcode
    6. On success you can close Xcode and go to Qt Creator and run it from there!

    Btw thanks everybody for helping.

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