How to get text Scrolling up in QLabel

  • Im newish to QT but a long time C++ programer. I have a QT program that I developed in Ubuntu Linux that attaches to some very high end test equipment. At some points my program just runs scripts that I wrote for the command line that interact with the test equipment. At times its just endless output giving status Id like to keep displaying that output in my qt program. I can get the stdout easily by usingreadAllStandardOutput() and can display it to a large qtlabel. After about 20 lines it stops displaying because it doesn't fit.

    How can i make my text scroll up so it keeps continually keeps displaying the new output?

    Is there something other than a Qlabel i should be using? I could write my own function but i'd like to learn a better way.

  • Hi
    Take a look at this link :
    QTextEdit inherits from QAbstractScrollArea and I'm pretty sure it would solve your problem.

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    And not to forget its sister
    QPlainTextEdit that is optimized for non formatted text.

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