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Moving widgets in QtCreator with group boxes present

  • I have all my widgets positioned in different layouts. Most of the widgets are placed inside group boxes. When I try to move a widget to a position next to a group box, I do not manage to drop the widget there. If the position should be between two group boxes, I can only drop the widget at the inside one of the group boxes. If the position should be between the group box and the end of the layout, I can only drop it inside the group box or outside the layout.

    I am using QtCreator on Mac OS X and observe this behavior for a long time.

    The only possible solution for me at the moment is to break the layout, arrange the widgets and apply a new layout. This is pretty annoying.

    Anyone who has an idea or is observing the same behavior?

  • HI and welcome to devnet,

    I use Qt Designer since Qt v3.3 and, as you said, the best way to make changes in Forms with a lot of layouts is to brake them a re-create from scratch.
    Is for sure something that can be improved but the Qt guys are focusing to use QML for new UI.

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