QWebView Output to PDF and Fonts

  • QT version: 4.8.6, running on Debian.
    I'm having issues with outputting an HTML document to PDF using the QPrinter.
    Code below:

    QWebView doc;
    QWebPage *page = doc.page();
    QWebSettings *settings = page->settings();
    settings->setFontFamily(QWebSettings::SansSerifFont, "URW Gothic L");
    settings->setFontSize(QWebSettings::DefaultFontSize, 12);
    QPrinter p(QPrinter::HighResolution);

    The HTML is valid. I even set the font inside of the HTML using CSS. (Have been styling with CSS for years).

    What I end up with is that the font is barely readable. Used to use the QTextDocument, but the CSS is limited on that, and I could not get that to do what I wanted.

    Note : the PDFs are supposed to be read in a Windows environment, but are generated in a mobile/embedded environment.

    Any help?



    The fonts it ends up with are DejaVuSans-0-50 and DejaVuSans-0-75 Embedded Subset if that helps. Not even sure where those came from.

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