Exclude directories from lupdate

  • Hello together!

    Hopefully this is the correct section here.

    Is there a way to exclude directories with lupdate? We have a bunch of directories which we don't need to check for translatable strings. At least we want to exclude the "lib/external" directory, because we definetly don't want to translate (or check for translatable strings) in external libraries :-)

    Our command:

    • lupdate -locations relative -recursive . -extensions php -ts lang/backend_de.ts


  • This is a long shot as I'm not too familiar with lupdate .

    Yet, option -no-recursive could provide you means to skip certain directories.

           Do not recursively scan the following directories.

    Says the lupdate -help .

  • Mmh, yes I already tried it with:

    • lupdate -locations relative -recursive . -no-recursive ./lib/external/ -extensions php -ts lang/backend_de.ts

    But it didn't really work...

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