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[SOLVED] lupdate: search QML files recursively

  • Hi,

    I need to generate *.ts files from translatable strings in all my QML files. However, they are divided into several subdirectories. The relevant part of the *.pro file looks like this:

    TRANSLATIONS += patientapp_en.ts \
    DISTFILES += \
        qml/navigation/StackPage.qml \
        qml/UsersPage.qml \
        qml/controls/CToolButton.qml \
        qml/controls/CTextToolButton.qml \
        qml/TrainingsPage.qml \
        qml/patient_list/PatientsPage.qml \
        qml/patient_list/TableCell.qml \
        qml/patient_list/new_patient/NewPatientPage.qml \
        qml/home/BottomBar.qml \
        qml/home/HomePage.qml \
        qml/home/main.qml \
        qml/home/TopBar.qml \
        qml/home/Clock.qml \
        qml/controls/CLabel.qml \
        qml/patient_list/new_patient/CameraPage.qml \
        qml/dialogs/Toast.qml \
        qml/dialogs/YesNoDialog.qml \
        qml/controls/CButton.qml \
        qml/simple_stand/SimpleStandPage.qml \
        qml/simple_stand/CircleTimer.qml \
        qml/controls/EmptyIndicator.qml \
        qml/SettingsPage.qml \
        qml/controls/forms/FormField.qml \

    I'd like to find a solution that doesn't require me to list the QML files or directories twice in the *.pro file. I already tried this:

    lupdate_only {
    SOURCES += qml/*.qml \
              qml/*/*.qml \

    Unfortunately, only the first line in the code (qml/*.qml) matches QML files. It seems that you can't use wildcards for directories. Another idea I tried:

    lupdate_only {

    This doesn't work either :-(
    Have you got any other ideas?

  • Have you tried this?

    lupdate_only {

  • Yes I have. It doesn't work. But with double dollar sign it does :-)

  • @m_andrej said:

    But with double dollar sign it does :-)

    Yes, I finally removed the code quotes - first the double $$ appeared both in preview and submitted post - but after page reloading only one $ was left :)

    I use the same principle now, despite I put the QML files into the OTHER_FILES section - then the project tree gets a dedicated QML folder symbol with the red "qml" icon.
    (Adding QML files adds them into the DISTFILES section in the .pro, but since I use a binary resource for the QML files, I always add them directly to the .qrc - this works fine so far).

  • It's interesting that this code

    lupdate_only {
    SOURCES += $$$$DISTFILES                // double dollar sign here

    makes Qt Creator to show my QML files in "Sources" section of my project tree, which is supposed to contain only C++ files. Do you think this is a bug of Qt Creator?

  • Thanks!That work for me。

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