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[win32, MinGW] Qt5 does not find external libraries that works in Qt4

  • Hello, I do my main development in Linux and time to time (years) I do a compilation in Windows.

    In my windows machine I had Qt 4.8 with gcc 4.6. I compiled, long time ago and using gcc 4.6, some external libraries and my old code works fine.
    Now I wanted to compile in windows my new code, that in the meantime has been ported to Qt5.
    So in the windows machine I installed, in an other folder, Qt5, that now comes shipped directly each version of Qt with its own MinGW. For example I have Qt5.2.1 with its DOS prompt set to work with gcc 4.8.

    My project uses some external libraries that have been compiled from source in windows using gcc 4.6 (and it was a mess, so I would really like to avoid to recompile them if possible).

    My qt project file instructs the linker to use them with the following lines:

     win32 {
        INCLUDEPATH += win32/include/coin
        INCLUDEPATH += win32/include/coin/ThirdParty
        INCLUDEPATH += win32/include
        INCLUDEPATH += win32/include/adolc
        INCLUDEPATH += $$[QT_INSTALL_DATA]/src/3rdparty/zlib
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lipopt
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lcoinmetis
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lcoinmumps
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lcoinhsl
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lcoinblas
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -lcoinlapack
        LIBS += -L win32/lib -ladolc
        LIBS += -lpthread -lgfortran -lcoinmetis -lcoinblas
        CONFIG += exceptions

    The problem is that when I run make, I got, in Qt5, the ld error "cannot find -lcoinmumps" (and the other libraries) and "cannot find win32/lib: Permission denied"

    When I run the old software, with the same configuration and using the Qt4 prompt, I don't have instead any linking problem.

    Could it be a different way of including external libraries in a project in Qt5 compared to Qt4 (e.g. a different location? But I tried also using the full path in the project file and I still have the permission denied problem)? Or because the external libraries have been compiled with gcc 4.6 and are hence not recognised by the gcc 4.8 used with the new Qt5 ??

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    Two things:

    1. there's no space between -L and the path
    2. repeating win32/lib so many times doesn't help

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