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Regarding QTableWidget

  • Hello
    i have a QtableWidget, my question is , how to get the entire row values, present in QtableWidget, when once clicked on the selected row.

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    Iterate using columnCount and use QTableWidget::item to get the item. You already have the row index.

  • @p3c0

    using the QModelIndex we will get the items once we select the respective row in QTableWidget or QTableView.

  • Here is the sample code to get the values from QTableView, when clicked on to the particular row.


    We have to use connect statement as shown above and the respective slots in the below code

    void TableViewExample::gettableValue(QModelIndex modelIndex)
    int rowSelected = 0;
    int columnSelected = 0;

    rowSelected = modelIndex.row();
    QString firstData = modelIndex.sibling(rowSelected,columnSelected).data().toString();
    QString secondData = modelIndex.sibling(rowSelected,columnSelected+1).data().toString();
    qDebug () << "firstData" << firstData << endl;
    qDebug () << "secondData" << secondData << endl;


  • @Pradeep-Kumar
    may be this?

            QString data = index.data().toString();

  • @Ratzz
    Thanks man

    Hi was trying to inform the above code which i provided works fine and which will be helpfull also. So i provided the code, which works for QTableView and QTableWidget. To get the data when clicked the respective row.

  • You may need to create index of 2nd column

    void MainWindow::on_tableWidget_doubleClicked(const QModelIndex &index)
         QString firstData = index.data().toString();
         QModelIndex colIndex= ui->tableWidget->model()->index(index.row(), index.column()+1,QModelIndex());
         QString secondData = colIndex.data().toString();
         qDebug() <<"firstData " <<firstData ;
         qDebug() <<"secondData " <<secondData;

  • @Ratzz
    The solution helped.

    I was trying to tell this also works.

    void TableWidget::getTableWidgetValues(QModelIndex modelIndex)
    int row = 0;
    int column =0;

    row = modelIndex.row();
    QString firstData = modelIndex.sibling(row,column).data().toString();
    QString secondData = modelIndex.sibling(row,column+1).data().toString();
    qDebug () << "firstData" << firstData << endl;
    qDebug () << "secondData" << secondData << endl;


  • I taught you are finding a way to get values!

  • I got the solution , so i taught of providing the code.
    Thanks for your kind reply.

    I tried the code provided by you @Ratzz also, which worked.


  • The above code which i provided , will work for both QTableView and QTableWidget.

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