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[solved] Correct way to clean sources in windows?

  • Hello,

    Recently I compiled qt 5.6.0 (alpha) on windows (msvc2015), some small problems appeared and I took care of them. Thing is I have to rebuild it again and after running nmake distclean I proceeded to just configure the project again and things started to fail while compiling, something that never happened on my first compilation.

    So I run nmake distclean again and notice that it's running into fatal errors, so the source is really never cleaned properly thus I have to be unzipping the source again and again which is.... not something I want to do.

    So.. I don't know if this is completely related to 5.6.0 or if it happens in 5.5.0. At the moment I need 5.6.0 because they finally added rootIndex in QML TreeView (among other things of course). or if I'm not using the correct commands.

    Any suggestions? I want to avoid pulling the whole qt5 project in git...

  • Do an "out of source" build. Then you only need to delete the build directory to start over. The way to do this is create a build directory, change to that directory, then call the configure script with it's full path. Here is a script that I use to automate this, for reference. Note: <configuration_options> is just a place holder. Replace with your options.

    :: Set these for your system
    SET _SOURCE=G:\Sources\qt5
    SET _BUILD=G:\Sources\build_qt5-vs2013-64
    :: Remove old build and start fresh
    rmdir /Q /S %_BUILD%
    mkdir %_BUILD%
    cd %_BUILD%
    call %_SOURCE%\configure.bat <configuration_options>

  • Ah! alright, I shall go that route. Thanks, @Paul-H.

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