[wince (winea7)] how to compile QtHelp ??

  • I don't really need QtHelp, but I do need(want) that nice demo application (demos\qt_demo); and as this requires QtHelp.lib, I want to build this...

    which folders do I have to build manually/include in the build-process to have the QtHelp4.dll in the end?

    I have read that there were some wince-issues compiling the required modules for QtHelp; but I am talking of WinEA7 here, so maybe those issues are solved by now..

  • You shouldn't need to do anything special to build QtHelp for WinCE, but I am not sure what you mean when you refer to winea7. To ensure QtHelp is built then just build in qt\tools\assistant and this will ensure it is built.

  • thanks - that was what I wanted to know since there is no special "QtHelp" folder or anything...

    What I meant was the following:
    QtHelp was taken out for WinCE compilation since it won't compile due to missing functionality in CE's C-Runtime lib (at least that's what I read somewhere...)
    -- because WinEA7 (Windows embedded automotive 7 -- the successor of WinCE) is so much newer it could very well be that the once missing C-Runtime functionality neccessary for QtHelp now is available!
    I just want to try this out...

  • Windows EA 7 is not supported as we only support Windows CE 5 and 6. As for your comment about it lacking implementation that QtHelp needs I don't know where you have seen them from. If you run into a problem with trying to build then just follow up :)

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