[SOLVED] Massive Timedelay at Bluetooth Transmission

  • Hello again,

    since a week i´m facing the problem, that newly deployed Apps have
    timedelay when i´m transfering datas via bluetooth. I´m talking about
    maybe 10 bytes per frame every 20ms.
    The symptom appeared all of a sudden, without that i have changed anything
    in my setup neigther on my phone, nor on the host PC.

    I have a Xperia Z2 with Android4.4 and Win7 Host, compiling Qt 5.3 with
    API Level 19.

    Had some such an occurance too?


  • Fu**** stupid me.
    At the second i clicked submit, i came to the idea, to check at which intervals the frames are send. It was 10ms. Too fast as it looks like. Changed it to 20ms and everything is perfect...

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