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Looking for simple 3d games made with Qt that are open sourced

  • Hello all
    im new to OpenGL, but i know Qt well , i like to learn by looking in source code of 3d games made with Qt
    beside the examples that comes with Qt can someone point me to 3d Open Source games made with Qt .

  • You can have a look at "WolfenQt":

    It's aimed at showing widgets in a 3d environment, but also shows 3d fps behavior.

  • yeah i download and compiled it , its very slow and slagish , also its not loading any 3d models .

  • If you already know Qt then the missing aspect is OpenGL experience. Just google for open source OpenGL games and study those. Id software have even open sourced their older games which use OpenGL so that could be a start. Having said that, they are so old enough that they will be using the deprecated APIs of OpenGL (glVertex3f() etc).

    What sort of thing do you wish to accomplish with OpenGL? We might be able to point you in the right direction.

  • I wish to build simple education games for young children in 3d (learning how to read/write/life).
    yeah i already got some open source games in OpenGL . i missing the part of how to integrate it with Qt
    for example loading models . and manipulate them in 3d space

  • QGLWidget will give you an OpenGL context with which to render.

    Loading of object model file formats is not something that is provided by Qt (well some simple formats can be loaded using the code in the Qt3D gitorious repository). You will either need to find 3rd party libs that provide this facility for your file types or roll your own I'm afraid.

    As for manipulating the objects in 3D space, take a look at the Qt3D repository. I seem to remember this had some sort of vitual camera control interaction with the mouse. To implement your own you basically need to override the QWidget::keyEvent() and various mouse event functions in your sub-class of QGLWidget and use them to manipulate either the transformation matrices of the objects or view transformation matrix and trigger an update().

    Good luck with your project and please come back if you have specific questions.

  • Ok Thanks this was the missing link i was looking for .
    after digging into it , i saw that compiling it for windows is not so easy task.
    but i also was reading that this faramework will be into Qt 4.8 build in .
    my question is : is it true and when does version 4.8 will be out?

  • There are some small examples in

    Take a look at Qt GameEnabler

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