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QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent and duplicates

  • Hi. I have implemented the QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent object to have the list of bluetooth low energy devices. I need to poll the list to have the rssi value updated as soon as possible but the object applies a filter to the duplicate devices.
    I must to wait till the end of the discovery procedure.
    Is possible to eliminate the duplicates filter?

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    AFAIK, no. you have to build the module yourself if you want to modify that behavior

  • Another question: my program works correctly (device discovering, and all functions related to low energy) but only if I run in a console with root privileges this: "hcitool lescan". Is a problem related to my pc? I use Debian 7.

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    AFAIK, no, it looks rather like a problem of user permission, your standard user is not allowed to do the scanning

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