Enginio: What are read/write operations?

  • I have upgrade my cloud to 'pro', and have some questions about pricing for read-write operations in Enginio. I can't find answer in documentation. Sorry if the question looks strange and the answer is obvious, I have small experience with cloud databases.

    It is written on pricing page that I have to pay 0.7$ for each 10k read/write operations, but what does "write / read operation" mean within this context? Does it mean writing/reading of each object? I have approximately 30k objects (with 50 numeric values characterizing each of them), and want to create cloud DB. Do I have to pay 2.1$ for each user query returning all objects from my DB? Or "number of read operations" just means the number of queries?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For price related question you should rather contact Digia directly. This forum is more user oriented

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