QML: signal on get focus

  • Hi,

    i know the Signal activeFocusChanged() will raise when Focus canged. The Item that uses onActiveFocusChanged() will only see changes when Focus already is on it and the Focus changes to another item.
    i need to do stuff when my item gets the Focus, so is there Signal i can use like onFocusGot or something?

    I would be realy happy if i dont need a Workaround on this because else i always have to call my function on Events like

    Keys.onRightPressed: forwardButton.forceActiveFocus(), focusItemChanged(forwardButton)

    and this is really much typing

  • When an item has Focus. my Cursor will Change to visible. so i created a Signal "focusGained(Item root)" that will Show up cursor{ onVisibleChanged}

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