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Why QTime::start() giving segmentation fault in amd64 architecture?

  • I am implementing a Cloth simulation program in Debian Lenny 32bit platform (Intel architecture).

    It uses Qt4 and OpenGL(that Qt4 itself calls in makefile line QT+=opengl).

    In the Debian Lenny 32 bit platform the executable is running correctly. I even ran it in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty release.

    But the problem arises when I am shifting to a Debian Squeeze(even Lenny also) in amd64 bit architecture.

    A segmentation fault is occurring when in QTime::start() the currentTime() is called.

    Qt4's documentation says that the accuracy of time depends on the Operating system. But no clue is given for this segmentation fault case. Please help me to solve this problem.

    Basically I am trying to get the Frame Rate Per Second (FRPS). A QTimer calls a OpenGL animate() function for double buffered animation. A QTime object gives the current time to calculate the FRPS.

    And if you have any alternate way to calculate the FRPS in Qt4-OpenGL then please suggest. Thanks in advance.

    [EDIT: title adjusted, no keywords there, please; Volker]

  • Is it reproducible using the latest Qt compiled from sources? Can you attach a full backtrace, and a valgrind log, etc.?

  • Did you recompile on the 64-bit system or simple copy the binaries?

  • I built the whole project in amd64 bit platform. And while running the executables the error occurred. If comment-out those lines for QTime then it's running correctly.

    Ok. I will post the back trace.

    @peppe Can you tell me what is "valgrind log" and how to get it.
    [quote author="peppe" date="1305564304"] a valgrind log[/quote]

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